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Mother Teresa and Princess Diana, their humanitarian feeling provided balm for the poor, photo of Mother Teresa and Princess Diana together

Thank you God for loaning us these two beautiful Humanitarians


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My Own Feelings

Focus 5% On Who To Blame, 95% On How To Heal

I have a rule.... Focus 5% on who to blame, 95% on how to heal.

I've been trying to figure out how to apply it to Princess Di's tragic death and Mother Teresa's passing so close together.

I don't watch TV anymore. I get my news once a week from Newsweek Magazine. So when I stumbled on to the USA today site and read the headline that Diana was killed in a car wreck; my first thought was disbelief. "What a stupid, hateful hoax!". It was over an hour before I could admit to myself that it was no hoax, just a terrible reality to accept. Like everyone else, more than ever I hated the paparazzi and drunk drivers.... but what good was that? I couldn't see how that would serve to honor Princess Diana.

On September 5th, 1997; only days after we lost Princess Diana, I found that Mother Teresa had crossed over too. This dual loss to our world leaves a huge wound in the human spirit! How many transfusions of the milk of human kindness will the rest of us need to contribute to make up for all that we've lost with their deaths?

How can we heal this pain? Focus 5% on who to blame, 95% on how to heal. But what is the injury? We, as a world and as individuals; we have a new vacuum in our lives. Humanitarinism nourishes and heals us all. Two of the world's greatest humanitarians are gone. How do we heal? Is there a way to heal and honor these beautiful women at the same time?

Imitation is the sincerest form of admiration. I've thought about this a lot and I may not be able to do as much good as they have but still I can work to imitate their compassion, empathy and generosity. I can give more of my time and energy to reach out and help others. I can smile more often, hug and touch people more often; I can get away from the computer and my own perceptions more and give more time to physically being there for people in need. I can do my best to adopt some of their rules, their beliefs, their values and actions. My tears serve no one, volunteering to honor them serves us all and perhaps gives them each another smile in heaven.

I can never be a Princess Diana or a Mother Teresa. I'm just Lollie. But I can do my own best work in my own best way. All of us can do that much. If most of us honor their life's work by giving more of ourselves then the healing will be easier and the world will be better for it; and surely that is what they both want.


Please consider saying the following simple prayer to help us view things more the way those we lost might have us to view them; rather than just feeling hurt, instead - to actually do something good for our world to honor their lives.

Thank you. God Bless You.

Say a Prayer for Healing - Add Your Faith - Pass it on

Our Heavenly Creator,

Thank you for loaning us Mother Teresa and Princess Diana.

Thank you for instilling within all of us more of their faith; and more of their drive for giving love and compassion to the sick, the poor and those that feel or might seem unlovable.

Thank you for healing more and more alcoholics every day in our world.

Thank you for giving the paparazzi and all journalists new rules of joy and success within their hearts that prevent them from hurting and even killing people that so many of us love and enjoy.

Thank you for helping all of humanity focus less on who to blame, who to hate and whats unfair; and more on what each of us can do to fill this great void that was created when Mother Teresa and Princess Diana left this earthly plane to come home to you.

Thank you for helping all of us connect with the joy of doing good works in the service of others less fortunate.

Thank you for reminding us that *worry* is the absolute proof of a lack of faith.

Thank you most for those who choose to read this with all good faith and refusal to doubt.

For *working* together with faith, we too can move mountains.

- Amen

Remember the miracle of Apollo 13? The newsmen were telling us how impossible it was to get those three men back alive. At the same time, we saw millions of people all over the world praying for the impossible to happen. We all saw it; a miracle happened. They came back alive in spite of the FACT it was impossible. Imagine what would have happened if we had managed to get Oprah, Kathy Lee and Rosie to say the prayer for healing with more than 15 million viewers. By redirecting the focus of 15 million people - the prayer would have been an answer to itself. Don't read on yet, stop a moment.... really imagine it. You can make a difference today. If you believe in the power of prayer, go back read the prayer again, read it like it's real, read it like you BELIEVE in the power of prayer. Read it even if you only believe in the power of united focus.

A note to first time visitors to this site I pulled a couple of long vigils in an attempt to make this happen.... In the process in the midst of extreme sleep deprivation I lost my focus, veared off course and blew it. It was one long, long night. I do not readily suggest anyone ever pull a vigil unless they feel as compelled as I did. It's not that I wish I'd never done it, because I don't.... it's just that the sleep deprivation makes you look crazy and it gives you a pretty bad couple of days afterwards.

On the other hand, it gave birth to several new pages for my site that I'll be creating, polishing and posting and a lot of education that I'll use to prepare my new approach for the next time a great humanitarian dies or someone wants to kill a bunch of innocent Americans on american soil. The rules I want every one to consider in the future are that whenever we love or admire someone; we don't let them die for nothing, and we don't let their deaths serve the causes of evil/ignorance more than the causes of God/good. Instead we give more of our heart and our help to others, each of us - to fill in the void. In order for the rules to be considered though, first they must be heard.

The greatest gift I've received from the vigil was the gift of embarrassment. I had prayed for an insight that would help me crash embarrassment as an excuse to commit suicide. You can now read others' and leave your own most Embarrassing Moments today. There is also a direct link to it from the The Comprehensive Approach to Suicide Prevention. My mortifying embarrassment motivated me to seek relief from the pain. Using infoseek the biggest search engine on the net I looked for answers in everything from self help, to depression. Finally I looked for others embarrassing moments in hopes of seeing how they handled it. It's what I found that gave me immediate and blessed relief from the mortifying pain of embarrassment. I tried to do something good to honor Princess Diana and Mother Teresa and I failed, and in failing I found something to benefit people who are embarrassed; some of them - sometimes even to the point of suicide. This new page will reduce the pain of embarrassment and over the years, for some that see it; it will be enough to prevent a suicide. I'd like to think thats given Mother and Diana both a smile.

Some people upon seeing weeds in the garden, get very upset. Others see weeds in the garden and pray they'll go away. Some of us see weeds in the garden and with a prayer in our hearts for direction and assistance, step inside the garden gate and go to work pulling the weeds, watering the flowers and veggies and insure everything is still getting enough sunlight. I always have to ask myself, which kind of person am I? I invite you to do the same if you'd like.

I still say, if it were up to Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, they'd a lot rather have folks asking how they can give their own best work in their own best way to help fill in the void rather than have them asking where did this tail light lense come from and how much more attention Diana got than Mother Teresa.

I still believe in my heart that Princess Diana is embarassed and ashamed for us that we gave her more attention than we gave Mother Teresa.

I still believe that Mother Teresa is embarassed and ashamed for us making such a fuss over it. She never craved the limelight, she only stepped into it because it was the most efficient effective way to accomplish what she was sent here to do.

My favorite Mother Teresa quotes

Mother Teresa You and I, we are the Church, no? We have to share with our people. Suffering today is because people are hoarding, not giving, not sharing. Jesus made it very clear. Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do it to me. Give a glass of water, you give it to me. Receive a little child, you receive me. Clear.

Mother Teresa If we pray, we will believe; If we believe,
we will love; If we love, we will serve.

Mother Teresa Give me courage.

Mother Teresa I must do something.

Mother Teresa Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come.
We have only today. Let us begin.

Mother Teresa Let's do something beautiful for God.

More of Mother Teresa's Rules & Beliefs
That You May Want To Incorporate Into Your Own Thinking


Dear Princess Diana,
Thankyou for your grace and manner,
You were a blessing to those in need,
Your courage showed indeed,
Even though you needed a shoulder to cry on,
You never asked, you just carried on,
We are all proud of you Diana, Princess of Wales
Your spirit in Heaven never fails....
To touch all that knew you and loved you,
Forever cherished you will be too,
As etched in our memories and our hearts,
Now your time for peace with God starts.

With much love and affection
Torii-Dianna (it's a great name Dianna, whatever way it's spelt!) Eden
© Copyright 1997 Torii-Dianna Eden


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