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I know what you start thinking.... 

You start thinking that suicide is the only thing that can take away all the pain, fix everything.... and it sounds like the truth but it's a terrible lie.

  Consider the truth for a moment.

Suicide Innoculation

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Suicide doesn't take away the pain.... it multiplies it. It multiplies it times TEN and gives it to everyone that loves you, likes you and cares about you.... and you're not that selfish. Look here, I'll show you what I mean. You can't steal $10 from your grandmother, how can you kill her grandchild? You can't steal a hairbrush from your best friend, how can you murder her best friend? You can barely take a toy away from your child for an hour.... how can you steal their last line of defense, their parent, life as they know it? You can't. You aren't that selfish. You'll never be that selfish. Promise now that you won't ever forget. Not now. Not ever. Don't wait....


Now before you try telling yourself it's okay cause nobody loves you... think again. Take five minutes to refocus. You have a family that may want to pinch your head off, but they still love you. You may be on the outs with your best friend, or husband, wife, lover... whoever, but they still care about you anyways. You are loved and needed by someone and if you take your own life you will only multiply your pain times ten and give it to them. I'll say it just one more time.... You aren't that selfish.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Marty Felvus, who shot and killed himself July 5th, 1997. Marty's brother Fred is married to my best friend. He loved Marty. He feels like Marty wouldn't have done it if he'd thought of it this way first.

There are better answers than suicide anyway. You just thought you had thought of everything. You haven't yet. You know suicide is no longer an option for you so just KEEP THINKING. You'll come up with something. You'll see.

NOTE: I'm not saying here that a person who has considered suicide is selfish. It's desperate thinking. It is the act of suicide, murdering someone that everyone close to you cares about..... that's what's selfish. Please understand the difference is huge.

You can find better answers within your own mind while you're right here at this very site. Go to the page on utilizing your depression. Utilize your depression rather than suffer it. It works. So does the Problem Solving Formula. Check them out before you leave. You'll find better answers than suicide. I promise. Okay?

Oh yeah... If you think they'll get over it pretty quick... check out Zeke Mason's Page. In 1991 Paul must have thought his family would get over it pretty quick too. Really read it and then try your best to wash Zeke's pain out of your mind.... try hard. It won't be easy. Suicide is a crime of forgetfullness that leaves heartaches that last a lifetime.

The challenge we face is this: there are a lot of people out there who really aren't selfish enough to commit suicide and they know that too... when they remember they're not that selfish they know it. But when they're very upset, sometimes for a terrible moment.... they forget. Therefore we have to spread the Suicide Preventative around to plant it firmly in their memories. We must make sure they can't forget that they CAN'T commit suicide, because they're not that selfish.

Dr. Grohol's thoughts on Suicide

"The mind, once stretched by an empowering idea,
can never fully shrink to its original dimensions."

- Oliver Wendell Holmes, paraphrased

Every single one of the the three hundred plus pages of this site was built to draw you here to see this one page. Look. See for yourself what I consider so important I'd go to such lengths to share it.

Thank you for sharing this page with your friends.

Your thoughts and feelings are important to me.
Talk to me.

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