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The suicidal person is teetering on the edge of a terrible choice.... which to choose, the pain of death or the pain of life... which is the worst... hmmmm.

The shortest route to preventing suicide is to change the choices. For effective suicide prevention, you must change the choice to the pain of death or the pleasure of life.

Most people who contemplate committing suicide are ambivalent, undecided or another way to put it is that they're "teetering" between doing it and not doing it. Imagine a big refrigerator sitting on a porch. How easy is it to move? Not very. But if it's on one edge teetering... now how easy is it to tip it either way? See? The pain has pushed them up near that edge, they are teetering between the pain of living and the pain of dying.

The human brain is designed to move towards pleasure and away from pain. When we increase the connection to pleasure in living AND we help the person remember and connect to the real pain of suicide they've been ignoring, we'll make a difference. This approach is a little bit Chicken Soup for the Distressed and a whole lot reality check. The primary focus here is not on all the reasons they're depressed. Too often reasons turn into excuses to commit murder, self-murder. Instead this is based on adding healthy pleasure to their life NOW and showing them in no uncertain terms that suicide doesn't take away the pain, how it in fact multiplies the pain. This approach is based on leverage and common sense. We can't prevent every suicide. We're going to prevent a lot more of them than we have in the past.

In 1998 more teenagers and young adults died from suicide than died from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease combined. As you look at this approach to prevention, imagine what a difference this could make in suicide rates if it were taught in middle schools. A 7th grader can read and use pretty much everything on these pages.

The Power of Kindness
What you can do right now to help someone who is distressed, depressed or seems suicidal. If you're the one who's down you can print it out and put it some place where friends and family will see it. If they aren't reaching out, it's only because they don't know what to do.

The Preventative
This is immunization. A reminder of why you CAN'T commit suicide. Read it, remember it, share with a friend.

Common Threads
A list of threads that held people here in their darkest moments. Examine them closely and hold on tightly to the ones that fit your situation best.

Focus on Solutions
Walk ANY problem through this for better answers.

Think Again
Feeling Worthless? People putting you down? Thinking about believing them? Think Again. This is an important story by Max Lucado. It hit the nail on the head for me and it has for many others who've viewed it here. Be sure to check it out before you leave.

The HelpCard
Clear Instructions on recognizing the signs of distress, depression and suicidal feeling and what to do to get help.

Emergency phone number:
714-NEW-HOPE. (714 639-4673)

Here's the phone number for the 24 Hour Crisis Prevention Hotline at Rev Schuller's Crystal Cathedral: 714-NEW-HOPE.
(714 639-4673)
I understand it has a superior reputation, the counselors are all fairly well trained and the help is not overtly religious... help, not just a bunch of proselytizing. They also have a web site at - contributed by: KarenK

Suicide Statistics
Statistic's from CDC - National Center for Injury Prevention and Control

Suicide Myths
To get to the truth about suicide, seperate facts from fiction.

"The mind, once stretched by an empowering idea,
can never fully shrink to its original dimensions."

- Oliver Wendell Holmes, paraphrased

Every single one of the the three hundred plus pages of this site was built to draw you here to see this one page. Look. See for yourself what I consider so important I'd go to such lengths to share it.

Thank you for sharing this page with your friends.

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